New Board of Editors



Executive Board
Editor in Chief
Kiley Aycock
             Executive Managing Editor    
Holton Westbrook 
Executive Comment Editor/CLU Editor
Elliot O’Day
Business Manager  
Mason Leal  
Comment Editors
Miguel Hernandez, Taylor Nichols
Articles Editors
Kasey Chester, Matthew Frost, David Hutchens, Weston Mumme, Maria Oviedo, Andrew Smith

Volume 19 Publication Announcement

Just a Phone Call Away: Should Insurance Providers be Required to Cover Telehealth Services

By Kiley Aycock

Sovereign Immunity and Private University Law Enforcement: Determining when Immunity is Met

By Miguel Hernandez

What the End of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Means for Texas and its Administrations

By Mason Leal

21st Century Casinos: How the Digital Era Changed the Face of Gambling and What Texas should do to Combat It

By Elliott O’Day

Undocumented and Afraid: An Overview of the Implications of Texas’s Senate Bill 4 on Texas Communities and Local Police Departments

By Maria A. Oviedo

Look Ma, No Hands: Providing Automated Vehicle Regulations and Precedents Inclusive of Disabled Individuals

By Holton Westbrook