2013 ALJ Publication Announcement!

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal has selected the following eight staff editors’ comment for publication in upcoming volumes of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal:

  • “‘Boared’ to Death: Rooting Out Texas’s Feral Hog Issue,” by Rhys Carson
  • “A Modern Day Apocalypse: The Pill Mill Epidemic, How It Took Texas by Storm, and How Texas Is Fighting Back,” by Neha Casturi
  • “To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?: The Challenges and Benefits of the Implementation of the Jamie Schanbaum Act,” by Elizabeth Hatch
  • “Eradicating Elderly Exploitation: How Simple Solutions Can Protect Texas’s Elderly Population from Financial Abuse,” by Reid Johnson
  • “Compulsive Accountability Renders the No Child Left Behind Act Unconstitutional: The Texas Education Agency’s Ultimate Tool to Ensure Its Waiver from the Department of Education,” by Sierra Fisher
  • “A Raw Deal: Why Texas Should Relax and Let Dairies Bring Their Milk into Town,” by Megan Loder
  • “From Chance to Ka-Ching: A Model for Legalization and Agency Regulation of Internet Gambling in Texas,” by Luke Reeves
  • “The Little College Ball Player and the Big Bad Agent: How Texas Can Address Its Growing Problem of Athlete-Agent Violations,” by Jessica Mullican

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal has also selected the following comments for publication in ALJOnline:

  • “The Need for Speed? The Effects of Texas’s New 85mph Speed Limit on the Sh 130 Tollway,” by Colleen Ferrall
  • “Why Not Eradication?  A Band-Aid Solution to a Problem Requiring Surgery,” by Molly Socha