Bullying is No Longer Just on the Playground (2013)

Bullying is no Longer Just on the Playground: How School Bullying is Evolving and how State Legislation is Trying to Keep Up

Author: Jonathan Andring
Published: February, 2013

Each year organizations conduct statistics on the number, type, place, and causes of bullying, and each year the statistics show bullying is a growing problem. One in four students report being a victim of bullying at school on a regular basis, and every day 160,000 students skip school because they fear other students will bully them. Different types of bullying include physical, verbal, indirect (excluding people from social groups and spreading rumors about people), and the newest type of bullying—cyberbullying. While bullying used to take place almost exclusively at school, with the increasing availability of the internet and cell phones among students, bullying can take place any where at any time. Causes of bullying include feelings of insecurity or lack of control in the bullies’ lives, responses to stress and anxiety, and anger from others who have bullied them in the past. Although bullying can take place in any grade, the most susceptible are fourth through eighth grade students; ninety percent of these students have reported to be a victim of bullying.

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