ALJ’s Volume 16 Publication Announcement!

Administrative Law Journal

Volume 16

Publication Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Editors for Volume 16 of the Administrative Law Journal, I am pleased to announce the selection of the following Comments for publication in our journal. Please join us in congratulating these Staff Editors for their outstanding accomplishment!


Selections for Print Publication

Money Talks While Democracy Walks: The Constitutionality of the Texas Ethics Commission Enforcing the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act in the Face of McCutcheon v. FEC

Trevor Brown

Electric Avenue: How Texas Should Reform the Way Cars Are Sold and Allow Tesla to Sell Directly to Consumers

Macy Cotton

The War is Over: The Resolution for Attorney Discipline in Texas

Jim Goff

Treating Adults Like Children: Texas Juvenile Parole Hearings and The Texas Board of Paroles and Pardons

Jamie Gonzales

Welcome to the Age of Voir-Google: Harmonizing Attorney Ethical Obligations, the Internet, and the Voir Dire Process in Texas

Stephanie Ibarra

Why Disabled Texas Veterans are Fighting for the Military Retirement They Deserve

Paul Jennings

A Declaration of Independence: The Necessity for Establishing an Independent Tax Dispute Process Within Texas

Brendan Reeder

Booms and Busts: Preserving Mother Nature While Staring Into the Abyss of Bankruptcy

Spencer Salmon

Selections for Online Publication

The Insurance Industry’s Captivating Hold On Texas: Recent Captive Insurance Legislation And The Industry’s Future In Texas

Melissa Arano

Tap Into Liability: How Does Proximate Cause, Under The Aransas Project v. Shaw, Affect Texas Agency Liability Under The Endangered Species Act?

Morgan McCorvey