ALJ’s Volume 17 Publication Announcement!

Administrative Law Journal

Volume 17

Publication Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Editors for Volume 17 of the Administrative Law Journal, I am pleased to announce the selection of the following Comments for publication in our journal. Please join us in congratulating these Staff Editors for their outstanding accomplishment!

Selections for Print Publication

Rainwater Harvesting: Why The Future Of Water In Texas Depends Upon Permits
By Emilie Blake

It’s Time To Get An ‘A’, Texas: A Proposal To Statutorily Empower The Texas Department Of Aging And Disability Services With Greater Enforcement Capability To Address The Substandard Nursing Home Problem In Texas
By Triana Gonzalez

Everything Is Bigger In Texas: The Growing Problem Of Childhood Obesity In Texas And How To Combat It.
By Joseph Higgins

Fitness Determinations For Texas Bar Applicants As The Texas Board Of Law Examiners Continue To Tip-Toe Around The Americans With Disabilities Act
By Kathryn Jones

Strangling Chenery: The Spectre Haunting Texas Agencies’ Ability To Exercise Informed Discretion In Choosing A Policymaking Forum
By Brandon King

The Never Ending Fight: Medicaid Fraud
By Annie Northcutt

Stepping Out Of The Closet: Creating More Inclusive Sexual Education Instruction For Texas Public Schools
By Tiffany Pham

E-Cigarettes, The Controversial Buzz Across States That Puff For Stricter Regulation
By Ashley Yi