New Board of Editors



Executive Board
Editor in Chief
Kiley Aycock
             Executive Managing Editor    
Holton Westbrook 
Executive Comment Editor/CLU Editor
Elliot O’Day
Business Manager  
Mason Leal  
Comment Editors
Miguel Hernandez, Taylor Nichols
Articles Editors
Kasey Chester, Matthew Frost, David Hutchens, Weston Mumme, Maria Oviedo, Andrew Smith

Volume 19 Publication Announcement

Just a Phone Call Away: Should Insurance Providers be Required to Cover Telehealth Services

By Kiley Aycock

Sovereign Immunity and Private University Law Enforcement: Determining when Immunity is Met

By Miguel Hernandez

What the End of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Means for Texas and its Administrations

By Mason Leal

21st Century Casinos: How the Digital Era Changed the Face of Gambling and What Texas should do to Combat It

By Elliott O’Day

Undocumented and Afraid: An Overview of the Implications of Texas’s Senate Bill 4 on Texas Communities and Local Police Departments

By Maria A. Oviedo

Look Ma, No Hands: Providing Automated Vehicle Regulations and Precedents Inclusive of Disabled Individuals

By Holton Westbrook


ALJ’s Volume 18 Board Announcement

Congratulations to ALJ’s Volume 18 Executive Board and Board of Editors.
Executive Board
Editor-in-Chief – Emily Copeland
Executive Managing Editor – Madison Murray
Executive Lead Articles Editor – Miriam Aguayo
Executive Student Writing Editor – Kathryn Jones
Organizational Development Chair – Lauren Arredondo
Executive Business Manager – Joseph Higgins
Executive Technology Editor – Meagan Ghormley
Comment Editors
Emile Blake
Triana Gonzalez
Brandon King
Tiffany Pham
Article Editors
Andrew Ashton
Sam Ballard
Alyssa Bolin
Breann Hunter
Kendra Naranjo
Annie Ullrich
Erin Van Pelt
Ashley Yi

ALJ’s Volume 17 Publication Announcement!

Administrative Law Journal

Volume 17

Publication Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Editors for Volume 17 of the Administrative Law Journal, I am pleased to announce the selection of the following Comments for publication in our journal. Please join us in congratulating these Staff Editors for their outstanding accomplishment!

Selections for Print Publication

Rainwater Harvesting: Why The Future Of Water In Texas Depends Upon Permits
By Emilie Blake

It’s Time To Get An ‘A’, Texas: A Proposal To Statutorily Empower The Texas Department Of Aging And Disability Services With Greater Enforcement Capability To Address The Substandard Nursing Home Problem In Texas
By Triana Gonzalez

Everything Is Bigger In Texas: The Growing Problem Of Childhood Obesity In Texas And How To Combat It.
By Joseph Higgins

Fitness Determinations For Texas Bar Applicants As The Texas Board Of Law Examiners Continue To Tip-Toe Around The Americans With Disabilities Act
By Kathryn Jones

Strangling Chenery: The Spectre Haunting Texas Agencies’ Ability To Exercise Informed Discretion In Choosing A Policymaking Forum
By Brandon King

The Never Ending Fight: Medicaid Fraud
By Annie Northcutt

Stepping Out Of The Closet: Creating More Inclusive Sexual Education Instruction For Texas Public Schools
By Tiffany Pham

E-Cigarettes, The Controversial Buzz Across States That Puff For Stricter Regulation
By Ashley Yi

Congratulations to the new members of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal!

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal is pleased to present the 2015-2016 Staff Editors:

Gonzalez, Triana
Pham, Tiffany
Van Pelt, Erin
Arredondo, Lauren
King, Brandon
Murray, Madison
Bolin, Alyssa
Ghormley, Meagan
Ashton, Andrew
Ballard, Sam
Blake, Emily
Hunter, Breann
Jones, Kathryn
Northcutt, Annie
Yi, Ashley
Copeland, Emily
Naranjo, Kendra
Aguayo, Miriam
Higgins, Joseph


The Administrative Law Journal is Pleased to Announce its Volume 17 Board of Editors!


The Volume 16 Executive Board is excited to announce the Volume 17 Board of Editors! Please join us in congratulating all of our 2L members on their accomplishments as Staff Editors and their new positions for Volume 17!

Volume 17 Executive Board:

Brendan Reeder, Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Graves, Executive Managing Editor
Morgan McCorvey, Executive Lead Articles Editor
Macy Cotton, Executive Student Writing Editor
Amanda Schwertner, Organizational Development Chair
Trevor Brown, Executive Business Manager
Jimmy Goff, Executive Technology Editor

Volume 17 Articles Editors:

Melissa Arano
Michael Bates
Regina Bost
Miranda Grummons
Courtney Kenisky
Spencer Salmon
SaraNeil Stribling
Sonya Subash
Katlin Wilcox

Volume 17 Comment Editors:

Jamie Gonzales
Stephanie Ibarra
Paul Jennings
Shannon Spizman


ALJ’s Volume 16 Publication Announcement!

Administrative Law Journal

Volume 16

Publication Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Editors for Volume 16 of the Administrative Law Journal, I am pleased to announce the selection of the following Comments for publication in our journal. Please join us in congratulating these Staff Editors for their outstanding accomplishment!


Selections for Print Publication

Money Talks While Democracy Walks: The Constitutionality of the Texas Ethics Commission Enforcing the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act in the Face of McCutcheon v. FEC

Trevor Brown

Electric Avenue: How Texas Should Reform the Way Cars Are Sold and Allow Tesla to Sell Directly to Consumers

Macy Cotton

The War is Over: The Resolution for Attorney Discipline in Texas

Jim Goff

Treating Adults Like Children: Texas Juvenile Parole Hearings and The Texas Board of Paroles and Pardons

Jamie Gonzales

Welcome to the Age of Voir-Google: Harmonizing Attorney Ethical Obligations, the Internet, and the Voir Dire Process in Texas

Stephanie Ibarra

Why Disabled Texas Veterans are Fighting for the Military Retirement They Deserve

Paul Jennings

A Declaration of Independence: The Necessity for Establishing an Independent Tax Dispute Process Within Texas

Brendan Reeder

Booms and Busts: Preserving Mother Nature While Staring Into the Abyss of Bankruptcy

Spencer Salmon

Selections for Online Publication

The Insurance Industry’s Captivating Hold On Texas: Recent Captive Insurance Legislation And The Industry’s Future In Texas

Melissa Arano

Tap Into Liability: How Does Proximate Cause, Under The Aransas Project v. Shaw, Affect Texas Agency Liability Under The Endangered Species Act?

Morgan McCorvey