The Administrative Law Journal is Pleased to Announce its Volume 16 Board of Editors!

Congratulations to the Volume 16 Board of Editors:

Kate Shearer, Editor-in-Chief
Cindy Johnson, Executive Managing Editor
Dee Wallander, Executive Lead Articles Editor
Shivani Rumalla, Executive Student Writing Editor
Elizabeth Darby, Organizational Development Chair
Matthew Rindt, Executive Business Manager
Emily Quast, Executive Technology Editor
Clarissa Acosta, Articles Editor
Emily Buchanan, Articles Editor
Brittney Ervin, Articles Editor
Nicolas Munro, Articles Editor
Clayton Parry, Articles Editor
Christi Schofield, Articles Editor
Christopher Sisk, Articles Editor
Charles Stermer, Articles Editor
Marissa Stewart, Articles Editor
Melissa Tran, Articles Editor
Amber Beard, Comment Editor
John Eisler, Comment Editor
Hunter Harvison, Comment Editor
Drew Thomas, Comment Editor


2014 Water Law Forum

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal is pleased to announce that on March 10, 2014, we will be hosting Illiquid State: The Legal State of Water Use, Regulation, and Administration in Texas.  The forum is free to attend and will be hosted at the Texas Tech School of Law. For more information click here. We will continuously update the site to keep you informed of any changes, should they arise.



2014 Publication Announcement!

Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal selected the following staff editors’ comments for publication in upcoming volumes of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal:

Competency Restoration in Texas Prisons: A Look At Why Jail-based Restoration is a Temporary Fix to a Growing Problem, by Amber Beard

Keeping Humans Caged: An Examination of Potential Administrative Segregation Reform in Texas County Jails, by Emily Quast

The Texas Conservation Paradox: An Analysis of Texas Conservation Strategies and Their Accessibility to the General Population, by Matthew Rindt

Commodities Prices Gone Wild—The Volcker Rule’s Impact on Electricity Rates, the Implications for Texas Rate Payers, and the Next Steps for Texas, by Shivani Rumalla

Texas, Are We There Yet?  A Roadmap for Implementing and Enforcing a Future Texting-While-Driving Ban, by Christi Schofield

Mutual Misunderstanding: How Better Communication Will Improve the Administration of the Indian Child Welfare Act in Texas, by Kate Shearer

Big Buck Down or the Lack Thereof: Hunting for a Solution to the Urban White-Tailed Deer Problem, by Chuck Stermer

Salinas v. Texas: Why Silence is No Longer Golden, and What That Means for Texas Citizens and Police Agencies, by Drew Thomas

Additionally, the Administrative Law Journal selected the following staff ediors’ comments for online publication on our website:

The Conflict Between Ridesharing Companies and Municipal Governments: Are the Companies an Innovative Business Model or a Threat to Public Safety?, by Hunter Harvison

The Sport of Kings?  More Like the Plight of Paupers: Why the Horse Racing Industry in Texas Needs the Legislature to Get With the Times and Legalize Casino Gambling on Racetrack Property, by Nick Munro


Congratulations to the new members of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal!

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal is pleased to present the 2013-2014 Staff Editors:

Kate Shearer
Elizabeth Darby
Shivani Rumalla
Cindy Johnson
Amber Beard
John Eisler
Matthew Rindt
Melissa Tran
Clarissa Acosta
Drew Thomas
Nicolas Munro
Clayton Parry
Emily Buchanan
Marissa Stewart
Christi Schofield
Brittney Ervin
Charles Stermer
Dee Wallander
Emily Quast
Hunter Harvison
Christopher Sisk

The ALJ Is Pleased to Announce its Volume 15 Board of Editors

Volume 14 Board of Editors for the Administrative Law Journal Congratulates the Volume 15 Board:

Luke Reeves, Editor-in-Chief
Rhys Carson, Executive Managing Editor
Molly McCormick, Executive Lead Articles Editor
Aaron Tatyrek, Executive Student Writing Editor
Craig Ogelsby, Executive Business Manager
Cris Mulcahy, Organizational Development Chair
Mario Olivarez, Technology Editor
Megan Loder, Comment Editor
Sierra Fisher, Comment Editor
Reid Johnson, Comment Editor
Elizabeth Hatch, Comment Editor
Alexandra Fielder, Articles Editor
John Merculief, Articles Editor
Rachael Burrus, Articles Editor
Colleen Ferrall, Articles Editor
Martin Fergus, Articles Editor
Neha Casturi, Articles Editor
Eva Hung, Articles Editor
Holly Monaghan, Articles Editor
Taylor Tomanka, Articles Editor
Jessica Mullican, Articles Editor

2013 ALJ Publication Announcement!

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal has selected the following eight staff editors’ comment for publication in upcoming volumes of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal:

  • “‘Boared’ to Death: Rooting Out Texas’s Feral Hog Issue,” by Rhys Carson
  • “A Modern Day Apocalypse: The Pill Mill Epidemic, How It Took Texas by Storm, and How Texas Is Fighting Back,” by Neha Casturi
  • “To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?: The Challenges and Benefits of the Implementation of the Jamie Schanbaum Act,” by Elizabeth Hatch
  • “Eradicating Elderly Exploitation: How Simple Solutions Can Protect Texas’s Elderly Population from Financial Abuse,” by Reid Johnson
  • “Compulsive Accountability Renders the No Child Left Behind Act Unconstitutional: The Texas Education Agency’s Ultimate Tool to Ensure Its Waiver from the Department of Education,” by Sierra Fisher
  • “A Raw Deal: Why Texas Should Relax and Let Dairies Bring Their Milk into Town,” by Megan Loder
  • “From Chance to Ka-Ching: A Model for Legalization and Agency Regulation of Internet Gambling in Texas,” by Luke Reeves
  • “The Little College Ball Player and the Big Bad Agent: How Texas Can Address Its Growing Problem of Athlete-Agent Violations,” by Jessica Mullican

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal has also selected the following comments for publication in ALJOnline:

  • “The Need for Speed? The Effects of Texas’s New 85mph Speed Limit on the Sh 130 Tollway,” by Colleen Ferrall
  • “Why Not Eradication?  A Band-Aid Solution to a Problem Requiring Surgery,” by Molly Socha

The ALJ’s Inaugural State of the Legislature Update

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal hosted its inaugural State of the Legislature Panel Discussion on November 13, 2012, at the law school in the Lanier Auditorium.  The panel featured State Representative Drew Darby (District 72) and State Representative John Frullo (District 84). Martha Brown, a Texas Tech Law alum who also serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations at Texas Tech University, moderated the panel discussion.

The discussion centered on important issues facing the Texas 83rd Legislative Session, including the budget, higher education, transportation, water, and redistricting.  Each representative was afforded time to outline what they perceived to be the most pressing issues facing the upcoming Legislature, and Martha Brown initiated further discussion on higher education, health care, and the construction and purchasing of law schools.  The discussion concluded with a question-and-answer session with the audience, which was comprised of students, faculty, and interested members of the public.

Congratulations to the new members of the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal!

The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal is pleased to present the ALJ staff editors for 2012-2013:

  • Rachael Burrus
  • Rhys Carson
  • Neha Casturi
  • Martin Fergus
  • Colleen Ferrall
  • Alexandra Fiedler
  • Sierra Fisher
  • Elizabeth Hatch
  • Eva Hung
  • Reid Johnson
  • Megan Loder
  • John S. Merculief II
  • Holly Monaghan
  • Cris Mulcahy
  • Jessica Mullican
  • Craig Oglesby
  • Mario Olivarez
  • Luke Reeves
  • Molly Socha
  • Aaron Tatyrek
  • Taylor Tomanka