The Administrative Law Journal is Pleased to Announce its Volume 17 Board of Editors!


The Volume 16 Executive Board is excited to announce the Volume 17 Board of Editors! Please join us in congratulating all of our 2L members on their accomplishments as Staff Editors and their new positions for Volume 17!

Volume 17 Executive Board:

Brendan Reeder, Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Graves, Executive Managing Editor
Morgan McCorvey, Executive Lead Articles Editor
Macy Cotton, Executive Student Writing Editor
Amanda Schwertner, Organizational Development Chair
Trevor Brown, Executive Business Manager
Jimmy Goff, Executive Technology Editor

Volume 17 Articles Editors:

Melissa Arano
Michael Bates
Regina Bost
Miranda Grummons
Courtney Kenisky
Spencer Salmon
SaraNeil Stribling
Sonya Subash
Katlin Wilcox

Volume 17 Comment Editors:

Jamie Gonzales
Stephanie Ibarra
Paul Jennings
Shannon Spizman